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Lacrosse Club

The lacrosse club of Breda and the surrounding area since 2022.

In short

Welcome to Breda Bigfoots Lacrosse!
In short: We'd love like to introduce you to the sport, our team and club and the regional mini-competition.
Send your message to info@bigfootslacrosse.nl

Join us! / Wanna play?!

We have practices on Friday nights at sportvereniging BHV Push in Breda (Nieuwe Inslag 97, 4817 GN Breda). You’re more than welcome to join, of course! Players of all levels are welcome and no prior experience is required: for many players in the Netherlands, Lacrosse is a new sport. The club can provide any gear required to try the sport. Want to join the Breda Bigfoots? Fill in the registration form!

Of course you can attend a few practices first, see if LACROSSE is your new sport too! Send an e-mail to info@bigfootslacrosse.nl; Please mention your name, preferred age category, phone number in case of emergency, and (if any) your previous sport background.

Practices, Friday evening
19h30 - 21h15 (mostly) adults (as of the age of 13 - 15 yo are welcome too, contact game)

See you at practice!

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Lacrosse, a sport that many people know about through American high school movies such as American Pie or tv series like Teen Wolf. As of this year a duo of seasoned Dutch players offer the sport in Breda. Because the sport is new to most people, everybody starts out at an equal level.

This makes the sport of LACROSSE great to start with while you are young (in a few years Lacrosse will be an Olympic Sport), studying (and want to meet new people fast) or just an 'oldie'* who wants to try something else.

With regional Grassroots Lacrosse meet-ups there is a recreational competition within a one hour travel time (maximum). Every 3 to 4 weeks numerous  regional clubs meet up and play team pick-up games. You'll always play in different teams, learn a lot about the sport and meet new people!

*Writer of this text is already over 40 years old himself

Let's Play!


  • €110 - per half year, student discounts are possible
  • Stick €55 buy
  • Optional rent of gear (per September and February): €50 rent + €50 (one time) deposit
  • Including
    • Stick rent is possible
    • Protective gear rent is possible
    • Participate in regional Grassroots Lacrosse meet-ups
    • Qualified trainer(s)

    Check out this promotional video by Nederland Lacrosse!

    You can find us at sportsclub BHV Push in Breda:

    Clinics, company outings and school-sports

    Lacrosse is also a great sport for separate lessons or series of clinics. As a school-sport or company outing, for example, it provides an easily accessible way to bring children, friends or co-workers to exercise and try something new!

    We organize our clinics and school-sports in cooperation with Grassroots Lacrosse, a Lacrosse organization currently active throughout the provinces North-Brabant and Zeeland. Grassroots Lacrosse has provided lacrosse classes for thousands of participants and is involved in multiple Lacrosse clubs in the region. All required materials can be provided on site.

    For more information, please contact via info@grassrootslacrosse.nl.

    Groups up to 30 participants on your location
    Quick and friendly reply, a super excited teacher
    New sport offer, so always something new to discover